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Women never forgotten: Murals of Ciudad Juarez

By Kent Paterson

Part 1

Editor’s Note: The following is a two

Deplorable conditions at family detention center

By Esther Yu-Hsi Lee

A social worker has come forward to talk about the

Calling for 12 month extension for Vizguerra

Recently family, faith leaders, attorney and organizational leaders packed the lobby of the Meyer Law Office in

Message from Albuquerque: Native Lives Matter

By Kent Paterson

Most people probably don’t think of Albuquerque as a

Racist hate mail after criticizing Chick-Fil-A

By Emily Atkin   A member of the Denver city council said he received violent and racist threats after voting to delay the approval of new Chick-fil-A franchisee at the Denver International Airport. Councilman Paul D. López is part of...
Posted On 03 Sep 2015

Committed to standing with women and families

By Rep. Faith Winter, Sen. Jessie Ulibarri   As public servants representing House District 35 and Senate District 21 in the Colorado legislature, we often meet with our community to learn about their concerns and their hopes an...
Posted On 03 Sep 2015

Coal dust regulation shows reforms are working

One year ago this month, the landmark respirable dust rule went into effect, adding a number of increased protections for coal miners and closing several loopholes that masked their exposure to unhealthy coal mine dust. Respirable dust sampling results for …
Posted On 03 Sep 2015

Puerto Rico’s faith leaders condemn austerity

By Deirdre Fulton   Denouncing new austerity plans and proposed “fiscal adjustments” that they say will adversely impact Puerto Rico’s poor and needy people, the island’s faith leaders earlier this week called for debt relief and...
Posted On 03 Sep 2015

Meeting the global ...

By President Barack Obama   Editor’s Note: The President spoke about his trip to Alaska, during which he viewed the effects of climate change firsthand.    I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. Not only because...
Posted On 03 Sep 2015

Case of the ...

By Javier Sierra   In just a decade, it has gone from King Coal to Coal Kills. From fueling development around the world to a dangerous, dirty mineral in steep decline. Coal is a dead man walking because of two …
Posted On 03 Sep 2015

CPP: The end of an ...

By Michael Brune   The Clean Power Plan is the most significant single action any President has ever taken to tackle the most serious threat to the health of our families: the climate crisis. This marks the end of an …
Posted On 13 Aug 2015