Call to Action to Congressional Leaders

On Jul 20, a group of 18 civil rights organizations submitted a letter to the leadership of the House and Senate Commerce Committees expressing their disappointment with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowskis proposal to regulate the Internet. These organizations are extremely troubled by the potential implications that the FCCs recent adoption of a Notice of Inquiry on broadband classification will have. As a result, the signers are calling on Congress to clarify the Commissions authority over the Internet with narrow, targeted legislation.
Classifying the Internet as a Title II service distracts from, and may ultimately undermine the pursuit of a National Broadband Plan, which would provide broadband access to every American. This will disproportionately impact those who are already lacking broadband access and will serve to increase the digital divide in America.
At a time when too many Americans lack access to the opportunities enabled by broadband, policies that expand broadband access must be a priority. Additional direction from Congress will provide clarity so investment, innovation and job creation in the broadband market can be maintained. The letters signers were encouraged by a June 18 letter from the AFL-CIO, NAACP, LULAC and other leading labor, environmental and civil rights organizations to Congressional leaders which called for congressional intervention.
Following the letters release, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement National President, Milton Rosado stated, "We are not convinced that Chairman Genachowskis third way plan will result in the continued affordability and availability of broadband service. At this time, congressional direction is imperative to achieving the goals of the National Broadband Plan."
In order to maintain an open and affordable Internet, Congress must take action to directly address this pivotal issue and the Commissions "third way" proposal be abandoned. To access the letter sent to members of Congress on LCLAAs website, please click here (

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